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IWAMA 2018

8th International Workshop of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation

25 – 26 September 2018

Changzhou University, Jiangsu, China

First Announcement and Call for Papers

IWAMA – International Workshop of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation – is an important international workshop for academic and industrial experts in the fields of advanced manufacturing and automation and will be organized as an annual event worldwide., Manufacturing and automation have assumed paramount importance and are vital factors for the maintenance and improvement of the economy of a nation and the quality of life. The field of manufacturing and automation is advancing at a rapid pace and new technologies are also emerging in the field. The challenges faced by today’s engineers are forcing them to keep on top of the emerging trends through continuous research and development.

IWAMA aims at providing a common platform for academics, researchers, practicing professionals and experts from industries to interact and discuss trends and advances in some areas of manufacturing and automation while sharing ideas and perspectives.

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These are the main topics of IWAMA2018, but the topics are not limited to these. Authors should select 2-3 topics when they submit their papers.

  • Robotics and Automation
  • Chemical Process Equipment
  • Parallel mechanism and manipulator
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Design and Optimization
  • Product Life-cycle Management
  • Integration of CAD/CAPP/CAM/CIMS
  • Advanced Manufacturing Systems
  • Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Knowledge-based Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Quality Control and Management
  • Sustainable Production
  • Diagnosis and Prognosis of Machines
  • Industry 4.0
  • Lean and Agile Manufacturing
  • Virtual and Grid Manufacturing
  • Resource and Asset Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • EEG and Eye Tracking for Cognitive Applications
  • RFID Applications
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Reliability and Maintainability in Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Renewable Energy Development
  • Knowledge management and Decision making
  • Intelligent Inspection
  • Nonlinear dynamics

Authors are invited to submit their papers presenting the results of original research or innovative practical applications relevant to the workshop. The papers should be max. 4 pages. Pages over 4 will be charged additionally. The paper should be written in English according to the paper template, which can be downloaded from IWAMA website (http://www.iwama2018.com/)

The presentation at the workshop should not exceed 15 minutes. Full papers can be submitted to Wangpin Wu(wwp3.14@163.com) or Kesheng Wang (kesheng.wang@ntnu.no). We also make a poster session and industry session.

Each paper will be peer-reviewed by two experts and all accepted papers will be published as a proceedings in Lecture Notes of Electrical Engineeringon (LNEE) by Springer, which will be indexed by EI compendex. Selected papers will be considered for publication in an expanded form in relevant international journals, such as Advances in Manufacturing, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Application of Expert systems or others indexed by EI or SCI.

  • Registration and fees
  • Regular registration: €350 (¥2300)
  • Audience registration: €125(¥820)
  • Additional paper: €250( ¥1700)
  • Additional sheet: €50(¥330)
  • Poster paper: €150(¥1000)
  • Regular and audience registration fees include
  • Admission to all sessions
  • Workshop kit
  • Refreshment in coffee breaks
  • Lunches and conference dinners
  • Regular and poster papers are included in the Proceedings.

Visa – If requested, our workshop secretariat will provide an invitation letter to the participant to present together with the visa request to make the visa procedure simpler and faster.

Venue – The workshop will take place in Changzhou University, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Accommodation & travel information :

Attendees will be suggested to book the hotel proposed later on. Visitors arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport, and then may take a train or taxi to the hotel in Changzhou City. Daily temperature in Changzhou is about 25 °C during September.

Program Committee

Jan Ola Strandhagen, Norway

Kesheng Wang, Norway

Odd Myklebust, Norway

Per Schjølberg, Norway

Knut Sørby, Norway

Erlend Alfnes, Norway

Heidi Dreyer, Norway

Torgeir Welo, Norway

Kristian Martinsen, Norway

Hirpa L. Gelgele, Norway

Wei D. Solvang, Norway

Yi Wang, UK

Chris Parker, UK

Jorge M. Fajardo, Spain

Torsten Kjellberg, Sweden

Fumihiko Kimura, Japan

Gustav J. Olling, USA

Michael Wozny, USA

Byoung K. Choi, Korea

Wladimir Bodrow, Germany

Guy Doumeingts, France

Van Houten, Netherlands

Peter Bernus, Australia

Janis Grundspenkis, Latvia

George L. Kovacs, Hungary

Rinaldo Rinaldi, Italy

Gaetano Aiello, Italy

Romeo Bandinelli, Italy

Yafei He, China

Jawei Bai, China

Jinghui Yang, China

Dawei Tu, China

Minglun Fang, China

Binheng Lu, China

Xiaoqien Tang, China

Ming Chen, China

Xinguo Ming, China

Keith C. Chan, China

Meiping Wu, China

Lanzhoung Guo, China

Xiaojing Wang, China

Jin Yuan, China

Ling Zou, China

Cuilian Zhao, China

Chuanhong Zhou, China

Jianqing Cao, China

Yayu Huang, China

Shirong Ge, China

Guijuan Lin, China

Shanming Luo, China

Dong Yang, China

Zumin Wang, China

Guohong Dai(Chair), China

Xifang Zhu, China

Shoukun Xu, China

Yue Zhang, China

Zhengwei Zhu, China

Xuedong Liu, China

Huiping Shen, China

Sarbjit Singh, India

Vishal S. Sharma, India

Hongjun Ni, China

Ziqian Zhou, China

Jianqien Chao, China

BoCheng Bao, China

Wanzeng Kong, China

Organizing Committee

Guohong Dai(Chair),Xifang Zhu, Yue Zhang, Zhengwei Zhu, Xuedong Liu, Yi Zhang, Lin Liu, Ling Zou, Ziqiang Zhou, Odd Myklebust, Quan Yu, Jinghui Yang

Workshop Secretariat
Wei Zhang Ziqiang Zhou Jin Yuan
zwzy666@cczu.edu.cn zzq_rrme@163.com jin.yuan@ntnu.no

Important Dates

  • First announcement
  • Paper submission deadline
  • Acceptance notification
  • Final camera ready paper submission
  • 10.10 2017
  • 01.06 2018
  • 15.06 2018
  • 01.07 2018

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Information for Contributors

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②、After delivery success, please wait patiently, the audit status of all the articles, please check the information on this website.

③、Manuscript by the author, the organizers will give notice.

Information for Reviewers

①、Reviewers should pay attention to and strengthen the practice of manuscript review process (delete) to work seriously, propose amendments to the manuscript by guiding the author, improve the author's research, writing;

②、If you want to register the referee account, please contact the organizers of the meeting, contact the way in the "About Us".

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①、The article is not legitimate, involving politics, pornography, etc.; the article has the nature of advertising, with the advertisement Web site, etc.;

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